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Digpro DP-60RS3 Portatif Ürün Çekim Çadırı

Digpro DP-60RS3 Portatif Ürün Çekim Çadırı



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Digpro DP-60RS3 Portatif Ürün Çekim Çadırı





 All "Plus" series studio includes"Smart Kit Accessories". It includes different backdrops to create various gradients and reflection effect. It also includes a multi-angle tripod, professional grey card, white balance correction tools and a teaching DVD, which make the user take better and creative product photos.

-         4 Lights Setting: Matching with ring light, there will be 20-30% brighter.
-         The light is even, soft and the power output is stable.
-         The light is only 3-4cm thick. It is the best lighting source.
-         Using with multi angle & 360 degree movement tripod, you can use the light at the top, front or close up.
-         You can fly your imagination to take any photo.
-         The colour is accurate and the image is sharp. 
-         Super White Background Effect



-     5400k daylight temperature
      The professional fluorescent studio light provides 5400k daylight temperature.
      The RA of the light is over 90. You can take a professional photo which has accurate, high saturation colour. Besides, the photo has no
      Shadow or reflection. Save your time for image editing.
-     Continuous lighting design
      Continuously lighting design does not need to synchronize with camera flash. You get what you see with any compact DC.
-     Which create soft light effects
      The mini studio uses US designed patent Nylon and steel stand, which create a soft light effect.
-     Space Saving
      The whole set can stand on a table or even a chair.
-     Easy to carry
      The mini studio is foldable and easy to carry.
-     The front cloth of light tent use of high reflected product.
-     It can change different background to create different effects.


 Photo Effect

The photo was taken by a digital camera without computer retouching
 Kutu İçeriği:
60 cm 3 lights soft lighting studio kit plus
60 cm mini studio (kare) x1 çekim çadırı 6x6
back drop (black,white,red,blue) x1 per color
28 w ring light x3
masa ışık standı
Kolay Öğrenim DVD
60 cm gradient color background paper
(yellow,pink,blue) x1 per color 
multi-angel camera tripod x1 
white balance filter & grey card kit x1
35 cv reflection board kit x1

Kutu İçeriği

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